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Weddings - Corporate Events - Private Parties - And More!!

professional DJ music mixer at a party a


Our DJ's are fun and interactive and have a wide variety of music to choose from. We also have bilingual DJ services available. 


Master Of Ceremonies

To add a touch of elegance and class and keep the event flowing and organized. 


Dance-floor lighting

Add dance floor lighting to set the perfect mood on the party!

Wedding banquet salon..jpg


Uplighting is the first step towards enhancing the mood and appearance of a space. Uplighting gives your space the special touch it deserves and transforms your event into a magical & unique space. Uplighting consists of multiple led uplights strategically placed on the walls creating a color wash around the entire room. With the infinite color palette of wireless and battery operated LED uplighting, Dm entertainment productions is fully capable of finding the right color that will make your space a unique and flattering environment.
Uplighting not only enhances the appearance of your event, it also enhances photographs that are taken by your photographer. Using uplighting gives you full capability to match your events decor and gives your space that special touch. Our past clients always say how “magical” my event was with the use of uplighting. Not only is uplighting visually beautiful, it is also an inexpensive way to transform the appearance of a space.

Stage in Lights

Pin Spot Lighting

Don’t let your beautiful centerpieces on weddings or any other special event  go unnoticed! Pin spot lighting is simple way to highlight your event decor. Whether it be your wedding day or special event, the highlights pin spotting generates adds drama by enhancing your centerpieces and other focal points in your event with light. An ordinary event table can be transformed into a unique and vibrant focal point. A pin spot is a focused static beam of light which illuminates a special object and is the perfect inexpensive solution to enhance centerpieces in weddings, birthdays and any event occasion.
cakes, signage, guestbooks, sweetheart tables or anything else you would love to draw attention to.

the bride and her husband dance together

Dancing On The Clouds effect

"Dancing on the clouds effect”adds that magical touch, and makes for amazing first dance pictures and videos. From the "Bride and Grooms" or “sweet fifteen quinceañera” “sweet sixteen” and wedding anniversary’s etc.
this effect will leave your guests simply amazed and stunned ! Imagine your pictures or video, the pure elegance this effect adds to your special moment! You will be amazed on how many pictures your guests will take of your first dance . Give your guests another reason to tell everyone how fabulous and unique your event was. This cloud is completely odorless and it basically stays below your waist and knees.
We go above and beyond for Our machine will not effect any smoke detectors.

Projector Maintenance

Video Projection

Project any video, montage, or pictures!

The Dance Floor

Digital Custom Monogram

A monogram is your custom name in a beautiful design that can be displayed on the walls or dance floor of your event area. We use 5000 Lumens High Definition Projectors to display your custom monogram on the wall for the brightest and highest quality image possible. We do not use the cheap inkjet or the old school gobo metal monogram because they only produce a blurry and dim result. You spend a lot of money on your event so you definitely want the Highest clarity monogram to be projected on the wall. This is a major focal point that everyone will see and will take a lot of photographs of. We have over 100+ templates to choose from for an easy selection (or we can create your own custom monogram using any image you have).

*The newest service we offer are ANIMATED MONOGRAMS where the design actually moves.

Dm entertainment productions offers custom designed gobos / monograms that will add a touch of personal customization to any event. Whether you would like initials, your name, date, words or even a corporate logo, we also offer standard metal static gobo / monogram projection.
or a high end video projector to do digital static or animated gobo / monogram. we have a monogram that is right for you. Our monograms can be strategically placed on the dancefloor, on walls or on the ceiling to create a visual enhancement that will take your photography to another level. Imagine dancing your first dance with your names or initials on the dance floor.

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